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The technical responsibilities outlined below can be boiled down to two words; Good Citizenship.  Local political committee organizations throughout these United States form the foundation of our liberty by working to support and enhance the election process.  In the history of the world, freedom has been elusive, belonging only to those who are willing for work and fight to keep it.  If a community fails to find and support solid leaders representing their values, in essence, they forfeit their right to self-determination.
As Republican committee people, we take up that responsibility on behalf of the Republican voters of McCandless. 

Bill Kirk,

What Do We Do?
Duties of Committee People:

· Promote Republican principles and issues in the community.
· Promote Republican voter registration and voter participation.
· Provide absentee ballots to those who need them.
Provide organized grassroots support for Republican candidates at the local, county, state, and national level.
· Meet regularly to conduct business and provide a forum for Republican candidates to address issues.
· Recruit candidates and assist candidates running for local office.
· Recruit campaign workers for candidates.
· Inform the voters about the Republican candidates and issues involved in an approaching election through mailers, phone calls, door to door personal visits, and campaign signs.
· Present a professional, friendly and helpful presence at district poll locations on Election Day.
· Provide transportation and assistance to the polls.
· Protect the integrity of the election process by serving as poll watchers and witnessing the vote count after the polls have closed.
· Vote for the officers of the Republican Committee of Allegheny County.
· Endorse local candidates and participate in Republican Committee of Allegheny County endorsements of candidates prior to Primary Elections.
· Participate in the selection process to fill Republican ballot vacancies prior to a General or Special Election.

The McCandless Republican Committee
P. O. Box 155
Ingomar, PA  15127

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