Representatives and Officials Common to All Districts in the Town of McCandless

Click on each link below to find the people you have elected or hired to represent you and to manage governmental functions:

Your State and Federal Legislators

Your McCandless Town Council

Your McCandless Township Officials

Your North Allegheny School Board Members

Your Allegheny County Officials

Your Judiciary

Your Personal Committee & Town Council Representatives and Polling Places:

The map below shows the boundaries of the districts in the Town of McCandless. Or if you know your Ward and District, simply click on the the link below.  To find your ward and district, scroll through the map, find your house, and click on the ward-district (ei: 2-3) number in your district.

1-1 1-2 1-3
2-1 2-2  2-3
3-1  3-2  3-3 
4-1  4-2  4-3
5-1  5-2  5-3 
6-1  6-2  6-3 
7-1  7-2  7-3 


The McCandless Republican Committee
P. O. Box 155
Ingomar, PA  15127

(412) 695-3284 voice